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Connor Duddy - 2019 & 2020 Games Athlete

WODCare is super helpful for keeping my hands healthy! With all the barbell workouts, gymnastics, and rope climbs I do, my hands get quite sore. I can tell a difference between WODCare and other lotions, and it helps moisturize my hands so well, soothing and helping to prevent rips

McKenzie Flinchum - 2019 Games Athlete

I took some time off from training and when I started to get back into the gym I kept ripping my hands, so did some research online on preventative hand care and found your product! I use it every night before bed and since I started using it my hands haven’t ripped since! I will definitely order more once I run out.

Brynn Kurlan - Fitness Athlete

No doubt this immediately became a staple in my daily routine! With WODCare in my routine I am confident in my training! I no longer have to scale a workout because my hands are too sore for muscle ups that day!

Logan Ewing - 2018 Games Athlete

The Original WODCare Fitness Scholarship

Here at WODCare we firmly believe that fitness is one of the keys to happiness. With our fitness scholarship we aim to give back to community that has given so much to each one of us. 

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Prevent Hand Salve

Say goodbye to sore and ripped hands for good.

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As a fellow fitness enthusiest, I wanted to create products that would not only help with my training but with every one of the great people that I have met on this journey. 

Dakota S - Founder of WODCare

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