Carly & Maddie - BuiltByBiron

Carly & Maddie - BuiltByBiron
Built By Biron

What are your athletics highlights?

We both were swimmers in high school and then went on to complete at the collegiate level. We attended UMass Amherst where we both swam at a division 1 level. This peaked our love for athletics and moving our bodies. Leading us into studying Kinesiology, the study of the human body and exercise sciences.

How did you get into your sport?

We grew up with a pool in our back yard, peaking interest in the water at a young age. Our parents put us in swim lessons very early on and then that started our relationship with swimming. Once our swimming careers were over Carly got into spin and HIIT strength classes and Maddie got into Strength and Conditioning coaching. This created a great pairing for us to start our own business combining HIIT and Strength classes.

What does your training look like?

Our training is very rigorous, we have to pre-record every work out each month. Varying from high impact HIIT, to low impact HIIT, incorporating weights as well. We wanted to make sure that every person no matter their athletic ability would be able to have a work out tailored to them. We think us doing all of the various types of work outs makes us more understanding of every body that accomplishes it.

What does your recovery look like?

We love to preach recovery. To our clients and ourselves. We think it is extremely important to have 2-3 recovery days each week making sure to listen to your body. We both try to take Sundays off completely from training and work. We usually work out 4-5 days a week and then incorporate our recovery through out that. Making sure to get adequate sleep, fuel and care for our muscles. Using products of yours and rolling out to make sure we can accomplish all our workouts through each week.

What does your nutrition look like?

Our nutrition varies day to day. We like to preach lifestyle eating, and listening to what your body needs. We don't have a specific diet plan. Just making sure you get adequate fuel to perform your workouts. Mixing in protein, carbs and fat to give yourself nourishment.

What's your most memorable sport/fitness moment?

I think both of our most memorable sport/fitness moment was the day we launched our workout monthly subscription. Built by Biron has been our project since last January and to see it bloom into this incredible program has made it all so worth it.

What is your advice for me people starting your sport?

I think approaching it from curiosity and not fear. Something new can sometimes be intimidating, but making sure to check in with yourself and be positive through out the journey will help you get stronger and accomplish more than you thought you could.

What do you like most about WODCare's products?

We love the Muscle balm. It is perfect to rub on our sore muscles at the end of the day after a hard workout. It is the perfect pairing for our important and crucial recovery days.