Taven Woodie - AMSOIL Championship Pro-Women

Taven Woodie - AMSOIL Championship Pro-Women
Taven Woodie Jump

Athletic/Sports history/highlights: 

I race Snocross, ATV Motocross. 

How long have you been riding Snocross? 

I’ve been racing for 11 years this year.

How did you get into Snocross? 

My brother and I went to a race to watch and we begged our dad to let us race so he did.

What's your drive for continuing Snocross?

My drive is all the fans and little girls that come up to me after I race. I usually love to give my second place trophies to little girls and seeing their face light up when I give it to them makes me drive harder so I can give the a first place one.

What is your most memorable Snocross moment?

I can’t just pick one so I have 2! My first one was my first win. I am the youngest to ever podium/win the class. The next one is there I won Rookie of the Year. I was the youngest one and the first female to win it.

How do you see the 2019-20 season going?

With how hard I’ve been working over the summer I see it going very well. I feel like I’m going to with the championship.

Do you train at a box? If so, where you is your box and do you train during the season?

I do, I train every day and 2 cardio classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Glen and Susan from Beyond Sport are the best! 

How do you juggle snocross, school, and everything else in your life?

During the snocross season I do online. It’s a little more challenging but I get through it! For my social life I don’t get much of one. All my friends are at the track so that’s good.