Achieving the best toes to bar

Achieving the best toes to bar

We partnered up with our friends over at Tink T2B to help you master those toes to bar with these few steps. Check em out below and watch your t2b get better before your eyes!

Steps to achieve the BEST toes to bar

  1. Stand directly under the pull up bar anytime you start a set.

    Consistent starts make consistent practice!

  2. Jump into hollow position as you grab the bar.

    Feet forward, tight core, shoulders actively pushing into the bar.

  3. Reach into extension.

    Keeping an active core, actively pull your feet back and your chest forward at the same time creating an arch position.

  4. Push back to hollow with force.

    As you reach your hollow position, shoulders behind the bar, fold at the hips and abdominals to reach your feet to the bar

    NOTE: It’s ok to do T2B with straight legs AND with a bent knee and kick!

  5. Actively pull feet down from bar and use active shoulders to return to extension.

    Staying active after contact will prevent losing control of the kipping swing.

  6. Don’t forget to take care of those hands after all of your T2B practice.

    Our Prevent hand salve is perfect for keeping your hands smooth and supple so you can practice those T2B day after day!


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