What is CBD: Part 1

What is CBD: Part 1

In this mini blog series, we will go through the basics of Cannabidiol (CBD) and provide a basic level of understanding so that you can make an informed decision on your CBD usage. In this first part, we will focus on what CBD is and give a brief background. 


CBD is one of many naturally occurring compounds, or phytocannibinoids, found in the Cannabis plant. It is not to be confused with another phytocannibinoid that comes from the cannabis plant, THC, as it is a completely different compound that affects the body in completely different manners. Unlike THC, CBD does not have the stoned or intoxicating side effects because it acts on different receptors and signaling pathways within our bodies. It is only within the past few years, as regulatory bodies around the world begin to relax funding restrictions on CBD, that science has begun to develop a more robust understanding of this compound. 

CBD research initially began looking at how it could be used as a treatment for epilepsy as a number of anecdotal cases became public in which mothers were using CBD to treat their children. As more and more of these cases became public, multiple research bodies began to dive into the different pathways that CBD acts upon. These initial findings led to the European company, GW Pharmaceuticals, obtaining EMA and FDA approval for using a version of CBD to treat epilepsy.

As the research landscape began to open up, more money and time has been pumped into research into a number of different interests pertaining to CBD. Many of these studies, as it turns out, are actually sponsored directly by the U.S. government. Some of these studies are looking into CBD potential to treat a number of different ailments including but not limited to:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Metabolic syndromes
  • Skin Diseases
  • Neurological conditions

As time goes on, more time and money will be spent on researching this compound and we will be able to fully utilize this little compound. 

Join us on our next part to this mini blog series where we discuss the current scientific understanding of how CBD affects the human body.