Certificates of Analysis

What is a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

A COA is a lab report that shows the results of the various tests performed on each lot. Ideally, the testing performed on Isolate lots will contain an identification test, a percent of label claim test, and an excipient content test. Here at WODCare we ensure that all of our products conform to state regulations when it comes to testing. Our testing includes and all lots must pass each test to leave our doors:

Product Color and Appearance - To visibly ensure that the correct product formulation was used.

Isolate Identification - To ensure that the Isolate is in the correct form our product undergoes two methods for identification, a retention time standard test and a UV spectral analysis.

Isolate Content - Is measured by our percent of label claim where we test whether the amount of Isolate in each lot is what we say it is.

Excipient Content - Per federal guidelines, all Isolate products sold to the public are required to have less than 0.3% of undesired excipient. Through our manufacturing processes we are able to remove all traces of this undesired excipient (ND: non-detected) and ensure that your product is clean for you to use.



Recover - Muscle Balm


Recover COA

LOT #: PB2004F140

Relief - Pain Relief Salve

Relief COA

LOT #: PB2004F139