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 We get it! You're into swinging around on a bar or throwing crazy weights around and you love those calluses on your hands! We're here to say that we love them just as much as you do but we don't want to see them ripping right off you hands! That's where our Smooth - pumice stone comes into play.

Here at WODCare we're serious about hand maintenance and keeping you in the gym working on your fitness! Nothing should keep you out of the game and that includes ripped hands. Our pumice stone is the perfect size to fit in your hand and smooth out those calluses. Just be sure to not go too far as those bad boys are there to keep your hands in good working order.

Our experts here at WODCare have combed through the research, spoken to leading dermatologists, and tested every which way of keeping those hands in good shape and we're here to tell you the solution is easy. It's the same thing that get you those results in the gym, consistency. If you consistently smooth out your calluses as much as you hit the gym, we promise you that you won't see another ripped callus in your life!

If this is the first callus you've ripped off or the 100th we've got you covered, order today and say goodbye to ripped hands for good!

Daily Use
  1. Wet down your hands or wherever you're planning on smoothing out
  2. The wetter, the better we always say! The more hydrated your hands are when you are pumicing the better it will work to smooth out those calluses
  3. Rub the pumice stone back and forth in every direction across your calluses until they are smooth
  4. Stop pumicing when your calluses feel smooth to the touch and are the same height as the rest of your hand. 
  5. PRO TIP: Wetting your hands in your daily shower is what we have found works best.

The WODCare Promise

We gaurantee that you will love our products but if you don't love it, reach out to us within 30 days of your purchase we will completely refund your purchase. That's it, no strings attached. I'm as shocked writing this right now as you are reading it!

We are confident that our products will change your life for the better so go ahead and try them out, you have nothing to lose!

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